Monday, 9 March 2020

Tudor Inspired Art - Portraits

Year 5 have been looking at portraits, first learning placement of the features of the face before adapting what they know and drawing a Tudor portait fit for a King (or Queen).

Looking mainly at the inspirations of King Henry VIII and his wives, the children sketched the outline before adding the eyes, nose, mouth and ears.  

Once drawn the children have started to experiment with watercolours 

Friday, 6 March 2020

Shakespeare Part 2

‘Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears...’

Our second part of Stratford was indeed an interesting start as we had a small amount of snow falling as the children arrived at school ready to depart.

The guides were whisked off to their various posts and the other children were entertained and briefed about the day ahead.

The rain was light but did not dampen the spirits of the children... and even though it might have prevented 
our guides from going outside into the garden, they improvised and embraced the challenge.

Not only were the guides talking to their peers (friends), but also were talking to other visitors to the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (the countrymen/ countrywomen).

Americans, Spanish and a variety of other visitors from other cultures were enthralled with the knowledge the children had and imparted with vigour and enthusiasm.
All the guides were listened to by the visitors and the comments were well received from the visitors to the adults who accompanied the children.

The children were amazing (as usual) and a credit to themselves and the school. 

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Sorting Materials

You know how it is one day ... you are carrying an amount of salt, sand, rice, kidney beans, pasta and some metal paperclips...

Well accidents do happen and they happened within year 5 as Mr Hegarty was carrying all the materials at once to save making a second trip.


So the challenge was set .... how do you separate the materials from each other so you can reuse them again...

Given tweezers, sieves of various sizes, 
colanders, magnets along with filter paper, funnels and water the groups had to explore how to separate them.

Some were easy.... 

Some were a lot harder....

 Separating sand and salt was more difficult as this used filtration and evaporation.

The children were successful in separating the materials from each other, and hope that Mr Hegarty will be more careful in future!

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Shakespeare Part 1

"When Shall We Meet Again, In Thunder, Lightning, Or in Rain?"

The opening line in Macbeth and we certainly hope that it does not bode true for the next part of our journey when the whole of year 5 descend upon the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust at the end of February.

 It has to be said that the chosen guides within year 5 had a fantastic day taking in the life and times of William Shakespeare.

On a windy day with a chill in the air we embarked on the school transport at 8:30 (a shock for some of the pupils to be in so early) with lunches and staff at the ready the trip passed quickly and the children were in good spirits as they exited the bus within the town of Stratford.

A short walk later brought us to the venue and the day began...

A walk between Shakespeare birthplace, 

New Place (Shakespeare's home)
Mind's Eye

Knot Gardens of Shakespeare

Tudor Banquet 

Also Hall's Croft (his daughters home) provided many opportunities for the upcoming guides to see how they should act. 

Tudor Bedroom in Hall's Croft

Also the information that could be passed on to the others within year 5 as well as the general public. 

Surgical Instruments of Tudor Times

A quick walk back and lunch was followed by some quill writing and seal making (these are the skills that  they will be teaching the other children to do on our next visit) before some acting "The Story of Pyramus and Thisbe" from A Midsummer Night's Dream (a play within a play). Children were picked to play the key parts with resident actors reading the monologue and the children acting along. 

Well done to Thisbe (D'Angelo) and Pyramus (Nehemiah) for their amazing acting skills in the key roles along with "The Wall" Tiffany, Geneza and Adheem. Never forgetting the Moonshine trio of Ibrahim, Afsana and Rihma while J'uan Andras was Lion and his growl.

The children came away with a beginning of understanding of whom Shakespeare was and how important he was.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

The Brig House 2020

Braving the cold 

Year 5 were very excited as just before Christmas break we were able to secure an over night date for The Brig House. The places were all snapped up within 24 hours of the trip being announced with staff working hard to make sure everything was in place for our return in January. 

The Journey

28 children all packed up were excited to descend upon the venue and arriving on the Thursday morning spent a little time getting to know the building that would be there home for the night, and the following morning.

Orienteering around the site was exciting and the children rushed around the site looking for the markers and making the letters into words. 

We then ventured out to the wood.... what an adventure. The children worked in small groups through the mud to find the course set out for them. Finding 16 control points (markers) and noting the letters to make a phrase...

Well done to all those who did not fall over in the mud (including teachers).

After that it was time to think of dinner.... the children helped prepare the food, and then helped make the pizza's.... all plates were clean and the children were full, especially after ice cream and sauce.

The night walk was quiet and interesting. following part of the trail we walked through earlier we got the children to switch their torches off to realise it was not as dark as they thought it was and also how far they could see....

Hot chocolate and relaxation was the reward for them all.

Then bed.... 

Cereal and toast were the main breakfast items and then it was small groups of games and team work for the day till lunch.... making their own lunch and then packing .... the whole trip flew by and the kids loved every moment.

 It truly makes you realise how lucky we are to work in such a place as Welford Primary School and have the staff and children that make these trips worth while.

Thursday, 19 December 2019

Soluble and Insoluble

Soluble and Insoluble Substances

Year 5 have been looking at the properties of materials and coming up with sensible predictions.

Looking at a variety of everyday objects that you would find around most houses; including table salt, squash, baking powder, sugar and flour, they have predicted which would be soluble and which would be insoluble. 

Knowing this is science they were adamant that the tests should be fair. so were diligent in measuring the water and also the substance.
Agitating (mixing) the water with the substance within for a minute was fun... letting them loose with the stopwatch and stirrers was an adventure.

They then waited 10 minutes to see what happened to the mixtures / solutions and recorded their results.

It was amazing how they then went on to work out what could have been done differently, to all of the mixtures or solutions, to see if it would have had an impact on the results (not every substance dissolved or only some of the substance did).

The classes were surprised by some of the substances and their solubility (alka-selzer) as when they looked at the properties of the substance they predicted it would not be soluble.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Tutankhamun and the mystery of his death

Murder.... Illness.... Accident....

Year 5 have been looking at Tutankhamun as part of our topic, particularly the cause of his death.

5W were given the evidence of 3 causes of his death; murder, illness and an accident...

Based on the evidence given the class were challenged to decide which they believed was the cause... they also had to justify their choice with a discussion.

The main belief was that Tutankhamun died by either an accident, involving his chariots, or from an illness, most likely epilepsy.

Hardly anyone thought he was murdered... but the mystery still surrounds the death.

We, like many Egyptian scholars, just don't know ...