Thursday, 20 June 2019

Rustling Rainforest

Last week, Year 5 treated the school to an assembly based around the rainforests. The children worked especially hard all week to learn their lines, songs and dances and put on a wonderful show. We taught our audience about the importance of rainforests, where they can be located as well as the harrowing truths around deforestation.

Enjoy our selection of pictures depicting the action from the assembly.

One of the many highlights included the performance from our very own River Dancers which really buoyed the crowd. The teachers even joined in!

Monday, 20 May 2019

Botanical Gardens

We are starting our new topic where we focus on the rainforests around the world. To gain the children's interest in this topic, we took a trip to the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham. This was a fantastic experience which answered a lot of the children's questions but also led them to think up even more interesting questions which we aim to answer through the rest of the topic in school.

We started the day by looking around the different rooms to get a feel of the environments the plants grow in. It was amazing to really feel how it would feel in a tropical place, even if it was incredibly warm and humid. We were able to see a huge variety of plants including cocoa plants which were our favourites. Of course we were also fascinated by the huge fish swimming around in the pond.

Once we had visited the various rooms, observing all of the incredibly interesting plants and avoided (mostly) the prickly cacti, we had a lesson in how plants grow. Here we learnt about all the aspects of a flower. This included: the parts of a plant, seed dispersal, the importance of animals and why flowers are so bright.




 Once again, this was a brilliant way to begin our topic and immerse ourselves into the world of rainforests while also covering many of our Science objectives in a fun and entertaining way. We can't wait to take what we learnt and use it back at school.