Thursday, 1 March 2018


We are already quite harmonious in Year 5. However, we can occasionally fall out with each other. This doesn't happen very often but we are committed to making sure it is an incredibly rare occurrence by partnering with the Peacemakers organisation.

Our work with them involves a lot of circle time, discussion and listening. These are key skills the children need to develop in order for them to solve their own problems.

We loved our first session with Peacemakers and can't wait to get involved with a circle time and developing skills through games again.

One of the activities we took part in was a 'getting to know each other' activity. The children had to work in groups to find things that they had all done, only one person in the group had done and what they all wanted to do. Once they had discussed the different questions with their group, they had to act out the activities while the rest of the children had to try and guess what was going on. We really love an opportunity to act in Year 5 so this gives us the perfect chance to show what we can do.  


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