Monday, 15 January 2018

The Truth Matters

Why does the truth matter?
This question was put to the children of Year 5 and they responded brilliantly. They were all very aware of why it is important to tell the truth and the consequences if the truth is not told.

From this understanding, the children had to produce a drama highlighting why they should always tell the truth. These mini dramas were entertaining, accurate and informative, teaching each other the answer to the original question in an interesting way. Above all there was very little adult support in this activity, showing the children's independence once again.

We love to express our creativity in Year 5 and drama provides an excellent opportunity for us to do so. It allows children to show off talents that may otherwise be hidden, and we have some very talented children. I would love to upload videos of the performances, unfortunately they were so entertaining the camera work would have been very shaky. Instead, enjoy these stills.


At 15 January 2018 at 06:05 , Blogger Mrs Foster said...

Welford likes to be dramatic. Please can some children in Year 5 come and tell me why the truth matters?


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